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Boo Bee's

I haven't posted since sunday, so i update now. Monday night i worked which sucked as always. Love people that can't wait in line for three min. without throwing a acting like a four year old. i was on my break, my first CSR was already checking someone out, and the other CSR was working on checking in tapes. After a min or so I see that CSR one is taking forever checking out the cust. so I tell the other CSR to open up. Just as that CSR goes to open his line she threw her tape on the ground and ran out of the store.

Then on Tuesday Sara, her sister Christy and myself went to see Scooby Doo in the theater. It was actually really good and they did a very good job on changing it to live action.

Today i get to just kind of sit here doing nothing. I don't work tonight and sara's sister is leaving for Germany tomorrow so she's going to spend time with her tonight so i have nothing to do. I think i might go rent a tape at work.
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