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Fun with Crafts :P *L*

I haven't posted since Thursday, so I figured I should go ahead and post. Friday Sara and I got paid so we went to the mall, the Asian Market, Best Buy, Funcoland, Toys'r'us(its my nephew's Birthday), and Wal-mart. So we did a lot friday and i managed to spend the majority of my pay check without even really trying. Now i have a hundred dollars spending left for the next two weeks. So we aren't going to be doing much of anything for the next two weeks.

I did buy some cool stuff. I got two DVDs both anime the first one is Gunsmith Cats and the other one is Blue Gender #3. I also got some stuff from the asian market. I got some chocolate egg rolls, and some panda cookies. There both really good and didn't cost to much.

Saturday I spent all day watching Rose Red and I had to do some laundry. Then I went to work from 5p.m. - 1a.m. So my Saturday just kind of sucked.

So far today i got up, made some chili and had to water the grass for my parents. I get to got over to Sara's house tonight which I always look forward too. i get to play on the PS2(just kidding i always look forward to seeing her).

Speaking of spending time with her Friday we also did arts and crafts together. Which I'm not a very artistic person but we were doing these bead things that you put in patterns. Then you use an iron to melt them together. i made a dragonfly, a bat and some flying lizard thing. Yes, Sara(21yrs) and myself(22) are both adults. I was actually playing ps2 when she was doing this, then i started too. Actually I turn 23 next Sunday, I'm b/c an old man that sucks.
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