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God I hate work

Well, I haven't posted anything in sometime so here we go. I'm a asst. manager at a BlockBuster Video here in South Carolina. i just found out on thursday that we are staying open until one a.m for the rest of the summer. We haven't been busy enough to say open until 12a.m. which is our normal closing time. This sucks that means its going to be like 2a.m. before i get home. I sometime wonder what mental illness those screw ups at the corp. office are suffering from. Yeah so that my venting on that subject.

Friday, Sara and I went to the mall, Best Buy, Funcoland, and BlockBuster. I spent just about all of my birthday money last night($250). I bought my PS2($209.99), a memory card(20.99), and a RF adapter($7.99). I feel ok with this b/c I one didn't have to earn the money, and two i've wanted one for sometime.

Sara gave me a little birthday party kind of thing last night. She made me cup cakes with Scooby Doo on them. There was Scooby Doo everywhere, which is ok since i like Scooby Doo. She got me like four presents too. She gave me some dark chocolate pocky, a big can of fruit drops, some every burgers(cookies in the shape of hamburgers), and a kenshin wall scroll. I like them all very much, and i've want that wall scroll for a long time now.

All this birthday stuff yet tomorrow is actually my birthday. I turn 23 years old tomorrow. Damn i'm starting to get old. I have to go to work soon so I'm going to go.
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