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Been years now

So, It’s been over two years since I updates I guess I should do that. Let see, I've gotten a job as a defense contractor at SPAWAR (Space and Naval Warfare Center). Basically I build Mobile Tactical Combat Computers for the USMC. I've been there for almost two years now and things are going very well. Zim and myself are still together. We actually live together in our apartment, which we've been in for about 1yr and 4 months now. We actually just sign the contract to get a house built. It’s four bedrooms, two-story house with a shit load of upgrades. We have to go to the home store on the 8th of July so that can pick out all of our materials. We should close on the house around Nov. 19 of this year if all goes right.

We just got back from Animazement at the end of May. We meet a lot of great people and had a great time. I also spent about three hundred dollars on so much useless crap, but crap I really like. I can't wait for next years Animazement much fun will be had.

That's all for now. I'll try to update more often but I promise nothing. *LOL*
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