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I guess i'm just not a very interesting person.

Well, its been a couple of days and very little has happened. I work at BlockBuster Video for like the past almost four years. I actually have the entire weekend off b/c I worked the first of the week. So, friday Sara and myself went to the Northwoods, and Citadel malls. Neither of us had any money right now so we just kind of wasted time, and then went back to her house. I played some PS2 and she was on the computer which is how we tend to end most nights together. Then today she had to work so i just sat around watched so anime (Nazca which i borrowed from her sister) and played on the computer. She got off at five so we just went and hung out at my house watched some tv. Although we really didn't see much of the shows:-). Then we went back to her house and i played some PS2 and she cross stitched. Thats pretty much all thats been going on. I guess my life doesn't really make for very interesting reading does it? Oh well, I guess i can live with it as long as i have Sara(such a sexy-bitch :-)Love You Kitten) and have some fun in my life. I go for now.
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