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Wants to smack my father

i'm pissed off this morning. I finished up college this past Dec. I have been looking for a job, but not to many people want to let someone with no experience play with there computer networks. Well, I have a friend who is helping me get a job with his company which has been taking a fairly long time. So my dad is getting on my ass saying i haven't been trying hard enough. He says, "I've just been sitting on my ass doing nothing." When in this business its who you know more then what you know. The knowledge you get after you've worked a little. So, I get up and this is how i start my morning listening to this crap. I just want to yell at him telling him to shut the fuck up. I know what is happening in my life better than anyone. I don't need him to tell me every couple of fucking days.(sorry about all the cursing) He keeps telling me that i need to get more resumes out there but my best chance is still with my friend. My parents wonder why there kids don't really every come home to visit them. I know my parents do this b/c they care but it never stops. I love my parents but it makes me/my sisters nuts. So yeah thats been my day so far. I'm going to go and hope it gets better.
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